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Why use Video in your marketing?

Firstly, video grabs your customer’s attention – it’s so much easier to get a customers attention with a video than say a block of text.  The power of the story is in the picture as they say.

Secondly, video content on your website will help Google find you.

Why? Well Google bought YouTube in 2006 , so if you have video  on your website it can play a big part in its search engine ranking and hence help attract more new visitors. Also, when these visitors do arrive on your website they will spend 3 times longer on a webpage with video than one without.

How can I use Video for my business?

There are lots of ways you can use Video for your business and to help illustrate this I’ve added some examples to our YouTube channel  to give you some ideas. Let’s look at just two:

  • Web introduction videos –like this video, these are a great way to communicate who you are and what your business does.
  • Product demonstration videos – provide a far easier way to describe your great product or service than any amount of static words and pictures can do. Not only will you be describing your product or service, you’ll be sharing your passion and enthusiasm for what you do.

How does Video fit with your other marketing?

Our approach to marketing here at 3 Dragon Marketing is very much an integrated one,   so here are a few other applications for your video – in addition to your website:

  • Email marketing – just by adding a link to your email campaigns
  • Mobile marketing – traffic from Mobile devices to YouTube tripled in 2011 and with 350mn mobile devices that can play video this is a growing opportunity!
  • Events and exhibitions – Why not add further interest to your exhibition stand by showing your video on a repeat loop

So if you want to get your customers attention, as well as Google’s then contact us today to discuss how video can help your business.


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