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Web Solutions

“Build a website and they will come” – I’m sure you all know is NOT true.

It’s a waste of you money to build a wizzy website that none of your prospective customers knows is there!

With literally billions of websites in the world and where even a pretty focused search such as “Accountants in Hertfordshire” returns over 490,000 results we know we need to do more than build a pretty website!

However, whilst “Internet Marketing” has seen massive growth a recent study by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) showed that 18.7% of advertising spend was on the internet, meaning of course that 81.3% used other media – from the humble classified advert to TV.

So whilst the 3DM team love the Internet and all it has to offer, we never forget that an integrated approach to marketing is what often serves our clients best.

So before we “raise a mouse” for any new website design we spend some time with you to understand what you want a website to do for your business, never forgetting that a website is just part of your overall marketing.

Obviously you want potential customers to find your website and to do this means making it easy for the search engines to find your site. We won’t go on about keyword density or linking strategies here– remember we’re Marketing simplifiers!

However, we’d like to share with you just one interesting point on the world’s favourite search engine – Google.

Google’s key BUSINESS driver is “relevance” – we all use Google as a search tool because it delivers relevant search results! NOT because it has lots of adverts!

Google has even applied this approach to its advertising (“AdWords”). They want customers to get the most relevant result, so although what you’re willing to pay per click is still a factor, Google have added a quality score as well.