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Text Marketing

Mobile Text Message Marketing is being used by Hotels to improve their customer service and increase hotel and restaurant bookings.

We love the power and simplicity of Text Marketing and whilst its not relevant for every business, it is the one truly universal communication medium that all business owners can use. Would you be shocked to find out that SMS open rates exceed 99%, well it’s true! According to a report commissioned by SinglePoint, it was found that text message open rates exceed 99%, and even more shocking is that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received on the mobile phone. When you compare the open rates of text messages to email marketing open rates for a business such as a restaurant (33% open rates), you’re looking at nearly 3X the amount of your customers opening your text messages over your emails. If that’s not a good reason to start an SMS marketing campaign, I don’t know what is…

It’s crucial that hotels maintain a relationship with their customers in the hope that that they will repeat their booking. A quick text after departure is a courtesy gesture, which will build loyalty and show the customer you appreciate their business. Further communication can be made with special offers and discounts promotions, encouraging clients to return to the hotel. As an internal communication tool, texting can also improve communication with staff, with a quick text reaching numerous members of staff in one hit.  Perfect for getting messages out to a groups of people quickly.

The system is easy to use and messages can be sent from any PC quickly, easily and reliably at low cost.

How can mobile marketing help your business?

Bookings & enquiry confirmations

An automatic text can be sent out to anyone who makes a website or phone booking or enquiry. A text could be sent including a reference number to confirm their booking. This is all done automatically using the free API gateway.

Mobile brochures

Customers can text BROCHURE + email address to 60777 to receive a full PDF brochure directly to their email address.

Generate leads

Encourage potential customers to opt-in to your contact database by publishing a short code and Keyword (e.g. Text “HOTEL to 60777”) on all promotional material, newsletters, website, brochure, encouraging people to opt-in for text news, offers and promotions.

Sales promotions

Send text promotions to drive business growth and to increase bookings during traditionally quiet periods. For example, a hotel could offer a room discount or weekend stay package to increase repeat bookings.

Customer service

A quick thank you text can be sent to all visitors departing the hotel. Further texts can be sent at a later date to maintain the relationship and encourage repeat bookings. A text could also be sent if a client leaves anything at the hotel.

What if I don’t have any mobile numbers?

There are a number of easy ways you can accumulate contact numbers.

Simply publish Text “HOTEL to 60777” on your website, newsletters and brochure prompting customers to opt–in for text alerts.

Collect numbers from booking forms.

Include a data capture box on your website. People can insert their mobile number into a data capture box and send messages out automatically via our free API Gateway.

How much does the service cost?

Our standard pricing option is on this page to give you an idea of your typical marketing investment, but we only have special clients not standard ones so lets talk first.

So if you like the sound of Text Marketing either fill in the contact form OR give us a call and we’ll be in contact to set you up with your free demonstration account.