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Text Marketing

Inoculation and other reminders

Mobile SMS marketing is being used by many surgeries throughout the UK, as a way of improving communication between medical practitioner and patient. Information can be sent to a patient within seconds and because mobile phones tend to be carried on the person, they will be read with minimal delay.

SMS marketing is easy to set-up and very cost-effective, working out at a fraction of the cost of a phone call.

How can mobile marketing help your practice?

Appointment reminders

Missed appointments from “no shows” cost a lot of money. A letter or phone reminder is not only expensive but also time consuming. Using our Web SMS service, in minutes you can set-up a whole weeks reminders to go out a day or two before each appointment is due. Our 2 way SMS text service also gives patients the opportunity to cancel their appointment if necessary, allowing you to fill the space with another patient.

Check ups

Text messages are also a cost-effective way of reminding people to make an appointment. This is especially true in a dental practice, where check ups are usually recommended once every six months. SMS provides a useful service too, for letting patients know when relevant clinics are being held.


GPs may also choose to send a text message to parents to remind them of inoculations required for their children or to older patients for flu inoculations.

What if I don’t have any mobile numbers?

There are a number of easy ways you can accumulate contact numbers.

Mobile numbers can easily be obtained from up to date joining application forms.

Take mobile numbers when patients make an appointment.

How much does the service cost?

Our standard pricing option is on this page to give you an idea of your typical marketing investment, but as we only have special clients not standard ones lets talk first.

So if you like the sound of Text Marketing either fill in the contact form OR give us a call and we’ll be in contact to set you up with your free demonstration account.