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Marketing Plans

For example:
“Four new clients each with a £10K p.a. potential to be acquired in next four months.” = SPECIFIC “Some more business” = VAGUE

We’ll then help you prioritise 2 or 3 key strategies to take you towards your goal, and break the activity into manageable chunks. We’ll make sure we get feedback, adapt if necessary, and track all results.

One of biggest challenges can be the process of setting an appropriate Marketing budget. Too high and your wasting valuable resources, too low and the chance of a meaningful result for your business is negligible!

A recent CIM survey showed that SME’s invested between 8-9% of their annual turnover “on average” on marketing. However, we appreciate that “averages” can be meaningless depending on what business you’re in, factors such as; sales values, margins, repeat sales all have a major impact on what your business can afford to INVEST in marketing.

So we use some simple but powerful business tools that help model how any activity COULD perform. We can ask questions like: “are we really going to get a 25% response rate to that campaign?”, “What is the likely customer order value?” without spending a penny!

It’s your money and we’d rather look at what success could look like on a spreadsheet than waste your money.

So with Budget agreed, specific objectives in place and key activities identified its time to start implementing!