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The F To The K of FacebooK Advertising

Facebook Advertising a Letter At a Time

F is for Fast

Fast| Cheetah|3DM|FacebookAdsAds can be ready to go in less than 2 minutes if you use the Boost post option that pops up when you’re around your Facebook Page. Caution Though – Is best to think who your ideal Target Audience is BEFORE you press the Boost Button! If you’ve done this in advance and created and saved these audiences you can then Boost your post JUST to your ideal audience.

A is for Affordable

Affordable| Facebook ads|3dragonmarketingReach Your Prospects For A Few Pounds Per Thousand Eyeballs.In fact, you could reach the 33 Million UK Facebook users for an unbelievably low cost of £400 per MILLION* if you wanted to.For something more local, how about the 37,000 small business owners in and around the St Albans area for just £1.31 per thousand targetted?

*based on 40pence per thousand impression rate quoted 24.08.15

C is for Conversational.

Conversational -ducks talkingKeep your campaigns as CONVERSATIONAL as possible. Advertisers who look to Solve problems or create solutions for their target customers are far more likely to create an army of fans willing to evangelise their brand/service. Fans will keep on recommending your brand/service long after your Advertising has stopped. Think of Facebook as the ultimate way to put your word of mouth marketing on steroids.

E is for Engaging

Engaging |Goldfish|  Facebook ads|3dragonmarketing

Beckham ad v2With the human attention span now less than that of a goldfish, the use of amazing imagery (pictures and video) is now essential to grab that scarce attention.So if you’re lucky enough to spot David Beckham using your product on a national TV programme -like one of my clients did – then it’s a good idea to use that image quickly! The original Page post was promoted to a target audience of nearly 5,000 for just £5.00 in 24 hours.


B is for BIG

WTG | Page Likes| NewZealandBig|  Facebook ads|3dragonmarketingTest Small Then Scale BIG For Success. So best to check if your chosen advertising media will be big enough to grow with your plans? With over 1 Billion users, there’s Massive scope for growth with Facebook.  Case study: Facebook’s reach was big enough to reach the Anglers of New Zealand as this Page Likes case study for Water To Go New Zealand shows.

O is for Optimise

Optimisable|  Facebook ads|3dragonmarketingFacebook is Not A Concealed Black Box Advertising Solution. The advertising reports make it Easy to Mine The Data To Reveal What Is And Isn’t working. Hint: The Lowest Cost per thousand audiences are rarely the best performing for the actions you really want – i.e. those actions that lead onto to sales -email sign-ups, enquiries etc

O is also for Opportunity

Opportunity|  Facebook ads|3dragonmarketingThe OPPORTUNITY to use Facebook advertising as a media option is Growing all the time via Facebooks third party data partnerships. These partnerships allow Behavioural footie in brazilTargeting Opportunities. Such as “Intending to travel” or “Regular Business traveller”. Example -This ad was targeted at the thousands of UK football fans travelling to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup

K is for Kickstarter


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