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What’s Changed?

Social media is no longer that new fad, Facebook has already enjoyed its 10th birthday.  With 1.49 billion active users, Facebook is quite simply the biggest social media platform on the planet. Here in the UK alone, more than one-third of the UK population visits the site DAILY with 30% of these only ever logging on from their mobile! Indeed, mobile ad revenue now accounts for 76% of Facebook’s advertising revenue!

Put it another way, the UK Facebook audience is now twice the audience of Eastenders and Coronation street combined!

With advertising rates as low as £1 per thousand, combined with awesome targeting capability it’s no wonder that over 1.5 Million UK businesses have tested advertising on Facebook already.

Don’t miss out on the Facebook Advertising Gold rush as ad rates are bound to increase as demand catches up with supply.

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What do we do?

We work with clients who want a higher Income business and their main problem is a simple one – they don’t have enough customers.

The typical reason for this is also quite simple – they’re great at what they do, it’s just that they’ve kept it a secret!

So we use the biggest Social Media platform on the planet –Facebook – to create massive targeted exposure for their business, this exposure creates more leads, more clients and, of course, more income!

So if you want more income, let’s make you famous -not a secret -to thousands of Facebook users and get you discovered as the go-to expert for what you do!

The presentation below addresses some of the How and Why that most new clients ask – it’s important to remember that it’s called Social Media for a reason – outright cold promotion on Facebook just doesn’t work. Just click on the picture.

road to success





How much?

What would you pay to reach more of your ideal customer and earn more income? Indeed, with some new Facebook campaigns, you ONLY pay for the advert when you get the result you were looking for such as – email sign-ups, leads, even sales for some websites.

Like to check if your ideal audience is on Facebook first?

Answer 4 simple questions about your target audience and we’ll tell you how many targets you could reach and for how much.

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