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Campaigns and Promotions

In a nutshell a successful campaign or promotion is about targeting the:

  • Right person at the
  • Right time with the
  • Right offer

The reality of any campaign is it shouldn’t be a “one off”, rather something that is tested and refined over time! A common budget hungry mistake is not testing first before conducting a bigger and more expensive roll –out campaign.

A critical starting point for any campaign is to firstly understand what a new customer is worth (£p) to you business. For example, if we worked out in advance that a new customer was worth say £1,000 to your business then you’d probably be happy to spend £100 acquiring that customer. Whereas if we just said that each new customer would cost you £100 to acquire you’d probably think quite differently!

We call this Allowable Cost per Order (ACPO)

Again what lies behind this approach is that you – “Pay the price just once, but value lasts for ever”.

Now us marketing people can sometimes be accused of being obsessed with the creative side more than the hard facts and figures, however, the diagram below is just one insight that demonstrates that not all marketing people are the same.

In other words, the best creative bit of marketing targeted at the wrong audience or with a weak offer will achieve worse results than an acceptable piece of creative (on Brand of course) that is well targeted.