Paid Social campaigns should always be “Marketing First” then Ad platform mastery second

  • Looking to Test out Facebook/Instagram Ads for the First Time??
  • Organic Reach Low and Needs a Paid Advertising Boost the RIGHT Way?
  • Recent EU Privacy Changes and Apple iOS Updates Got You Frustrated?

My 10+ years of experience in running hundreds of Paid Social media campaigns was preceded by 20+ years of marketing expertise. So, this training uses the hard earnt and sometimes painful lessons of delivering 100’s of campaigns (B2C and B2B) and then combines these lessons with my multi-decade Marketing expertise. This enables me to help YOU build the marketing BRIDGE between Organic social media expertise and Paid social media marketing.

Key problems that we will solve:



How to translate organic Social Media avatars into their paid advertising equivalents.



How to use potentially overlooked parts of avatar creation to find targeted advertising audiences


B2B Clients?

Clients with B2B Target Audiences? - No problem, the training will cover a switch in thinking technique to help. PLUS see number 4


Limited "Interest" Advertising Audiences?

No problem, I have techniques to help you build your own unique ad audiences instead


Tracking Problems?

Tracking problems in post-privacy updates world ( iOS 14.5 etc)?

No problem - Google is our friend.


How much Budget?

the $64,000 question - we have a simple proven marketing technique to answer this one!

This LIVE training costs just £49 and includes:

1 hour training with Q& A

Recording Available

Copy of Slide Deck

Resource links


Marketing Essentials for

Paid Ads Success


Your Trainer

Over three decades of marketing expertise and experience - including three Dragons Den bosses - with the last 10 years focussing on Paid Social media campaigns that have taught me one very powerful lesson - Paid Social campaigns should always be ‘Marketing first” then Ad platform mastery second NOT the other way around.
Recent privacy changes - especially Apple’s iOS 14.5 update - has made Facebook Pixel tracking way less effective, so NO more “Pixel Polishing” you now need a “Marketing first approach”.

Graham Archer DipDM FIDM

Managing Director - 3 Dragon Marketing


"Graham delivered some Facebook ads training for one of my coaching groups. He was kind, courteous, personable, not to mention hugely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Feedback has been really positive - and that’s not remotely surprising.
If you’re looking for a specialist to help you with Facebook ads, Graham’s a really good guy and knows his stuff. Highly recommended.
Thanks, Graham 😊💕🙏🏻"

- Taz Thornton (Award-winning coach, trainer, motivational business speaker)

"Graham is a highly experienced and skilled marketer with an impressive all-round knowledge of Digital Marketing. I reached out to him to discuss social media advertising and his knowledge was at another level compared to the Facebook ad rep!"

- Imran Chaudhry (Get better ROI for your Business Communications and Marketing)

"Graham shared his knowledge and expertise on the subject of paid Facebook Ads yesterday. I was a participant in the event. Wow, we covered a lot! Graham was generous, took time to answer questions, was fun, entertaining and it was a great session! Thanks Graham - it was an incredibly valuable session."

- Jenny Gordon (The Brilliance Coach )

"I spent a fascinating hour today listening to Graham talk about Facebook Ads. Graham broke this down into simple, easy to understand sections and simplified what has seemed to me a quite a complex area Everyone of us has taken away actions we can start implementing now without needing any budget and those actions will not only lay the groundwork for the ads but will also add great value to our businesses generally
I highly recommend Graham - a super knowledgeable and genuine guy"

- Katy Hope (Growing Next Generation Heart-Centred , Purpose-Led and High Impact Leaders)

"..More recently, I attended his Facebook Business Audience building & advertising training sesssion, and he has re-ignited some belief in Facebook as a business tool. His recommendations were priceless and I will be putting some of his tips into action over the forthcoming week. Thanks Graham, star man!!"

- David Chapman (Cost Reduction Expert)


I’m Graham Archer

I’m a multi-decade marketer who worked with Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den fame at a critical stage of a £5 Million Turnaround investment –hence the company name! However, my passion today is working with business owners to help them achieve the client growth they deserve, all for a marketing investment that doesn’t need a Dragon size chequebook.

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