Facebook Advertising Made Easier

Your 4-week proficiency program, transforming frustration into confidence

Would the program suit me?

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • You've been running Facebook Ads for 3-12 months and getting frustrated with progress
  • Your learning time is limited, as managing Facebook Ads isn’t your ONLY task
  • You are unsure how much budget you will need to invest to get results
  • You aren't certain how to optimise your campaigns for the best results?
  • You're rapidly realising that mastering Facebooks Ads manager isn’t the same as achieving marketing success

What makes your program different?

Sadly, mastering Facebook Ads Manager on its own will not bring you success.

It would be like learning to play the guitar with only 1 string.

We believe that Facebook marketing success needs a 6-string approach.

Our 6-String Approach


Avatar Creation

Know the groups of people you'd want to attract to your brand/service and also the ones you'd like to repel


Target Audiences

Master basic to advanced techniques to define and create YOUR target advertising audiences. Some audiences will be for unique use


Hard Sell Tactics Don't Work! 

Instead, solve customers' problems so they want to buy from you. Facebook is after all a SOCIAL media platform


What Budget Do You Need?

Build a budget based on your product /service using a tested marketing technique you won’t find mentioned on Facebook


How to Get Creative

Using Facebook tools and creative ad formats to create adverts that engage with your avatars - stopping the scroll and getting responses


And then, and only then...

you'd open Facebook Ads Manager

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Stress to Success in 3 Easy Phases

The course is designed for anyone getting frustrated with gaining momentum using Facebook Advertising.

The program breaks your journey down into 3 transformation phases and 9 easy to take steps.

These steps when implemented will give you the formula to build Facebook Ad success for your business.


What you need to know to move from a place of frustration to a clear pathway


Taking your pathway into key actions. We show and guide you on the how

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Proven techniques to measure, test and optimise so you can scale with confidence

The 9 Easy Steps

Marketing 101

Who are the best prospects for my campaigns and how much do I need to invest?

Facebook 101

Begin with the end in mind - the approach to building campaigns quickly

Simplify Options

Which ad campaigns to focus on to get started

Audience Building

Audience research techniques with creativity and some pitfalls to avoid

Creative Building

What’s your key message? Then use creative ad building techniques to create great ads

Building Fast

Behind the scenes of fast campaign building techniques

Measure and Track

Learn how to measure and track the right data for each campaign

Test and Optimise

How to test and optimise with confidence

Scaling Up

How to increase ad spend with confidence

Method and Value

8 Hours

Four interactive training and coaching sessions over Zoom - 8 hours of value

Program Materials

All calls recorded and lesson material provided

Bonus Content

Over a dozen resources for you to keep and use for future success

Embedded Learning

We all learn best by doing - so expect some exercises between calls to embed learning

30 Minute Discovery Call

You have questions. We have answers.

Pick a time that suits and let's discuss if

"Facebook Advertising Made Easier" is right for you.

What Clients Have Said

...everything felt like a Massive minefield to me at first and I didn’t really understand anything, it was like looking at something in double dutch.

After this course, I am now comfortable and confident in building advertising campaigns, custom audiences and adverts, and am also able to effectively analyse the data and use it to optimise future campaigns. We are already seeing an increase in orders in a short time.

Natasha Davis - Marketing Manager- Terrain Clothing

We started working with Graham over 5 years ago, using his expertise in Facebook advertising and marketing to make our brand and unique product famous amongst our key target audiences. His expertise has allowed us to reach our targeted audiences for just £5 per thousand.

Graham's creativity and wider marketing expertise meant that our brand and education Facebook campaigns have convinced customers how our product solves their key travel worries of safe drinking water with less plastic. Having gained the trust of our key audiences we can now sell them our products for themselves and friends.

Dave Shanks - Founder and CEO - Water-to-Go

We needed to recruit 100’s of over 65’s to help with investigations into the changes in memory, thinking and attention in ageing people as part of our dementia research. We wanted to explore Facebook advertising as an option and reached out to Graham as an expert in the field. His advertising expertise not only delivered amazing results for our client at a fraction of the cost of alternative patient recruitment methods, but his granular expertise in navigating Facebook's vague advertising policies in this sensitive area was also vital to success.

Jonathan Kingslake CEO - P1vital Products Ltd.

Although we are a Google premier partner and spend millions of pounds on behalf of our clients using Google ads, we utilise Graham’s expertise when it comes to managing Facebook advertising. Whilst both platforms use the same jargon, such as Cost Per Click, that’s where the similarity ends! People using Social media platforms like Facebook/Instagram just aren’t on the platform with the primary intent to purchase something. Facebook advertising success requires a fusion of both the creative and analytical side of Paid advertising, which is why Graham’s multi-decade marketing expertise is so invaluable.

Mark Smith - Director - LinkDigital

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